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•An ESL Method that Works!!
American English!
English in the Workplace - At your location.

•Corporate and Individual Training - Teacher Training.

•An English Foundation that Will Last a Lifetime!

•Speaking, Reading, Writing and Spelling in 12 Weeks.

• Progess Will be Evident in a Short Time!

•No Memorization!

•Not All Students Learn English the Same Way.

   A. Some Students Learn by Seeing and Hearing.

   B. Some Students Learn by Reading and Hearing.

   C. Others need to See, Hear, Read and Write. 
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                                             Welcome to the Academy for English Studies!

Our School began in Dallas, Texas, in 1986.  Parents of the young students who chose to remain in the classroom also learned to speak, read and write.  With this observation adult classes soon began. Through the years the program has expanded from sucessfully teaching young international students basic English  skills to teaching international studentsof all ages. This has enabled students to enter American schools at grade level and adults to excel in their professions. 

From more than 20 years of experience the
American iTalk method was developed emphasizing the Correct Pronunciation of all of the 60 plus sounds necessary to speak English so that it can be Understood.  We never forget that the purpose of language is to Communicate clearly.

So please browse around on our site to see our methods and success stories and hopefully you will find the solution to your English needs.

Jim and Doris Murray

Reading, Spelling in 12 Weeks.

No Memorization!

Quickly Learn All English Sounds by Using the
4 Senses :

Hearing, Seeing,
and Writing.

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Corporate Workplace and Community Training
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